"It wasn't only my husband and I who experienced the death of our son, our older children lost their baby brother as well. As a mother of four, I knew our family healing was going to come by remembering every little detail about Maddux, not by forgetting that he existed. From the swirl of dark hair on the back of his head to the little dimple behind his ear, being able to look back and focus on his uniqueness has brought my family immense peace and pride. Our cherished photographs show the love we shared and gave to our son. Over time, memories fade. Maddux's images will last for generations. They show he was here and that he will forever be a part of our lives-no matter how brief his stay on earth was. This is our way of honoring and remembering our precious baby boy." ~Co-Founder Cheryl Haggard

"Being part of this most important work has been such a blessing. The images that we create forge a precious link between parent and child, giving them a tangible memory to cherish. As a NILMDTS affiliated photographer, I am honored to chronicle those brief, final moments and assist grieving families through this difficult time." ~Co-Founder Sandy Puc'

I have just seen your program, and wanted to say thank you for what you are doing. We lost our little Anna Grace at the age of 2 days. It was 24 years ago, and yet there are times that I can re-live those days as if it just happened. I wish I had this invaluable service you are offering back then. Fortunately, we did have some special nurses who took pictures before and after she died. Four old Polaroid’s in a baby book are worth more than I could tell you. You never forget... never. ~Terry

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful this is. I lost twin sons in 2002 when they were born at 25 weeks gestation. My son Brandon died at 6 days old and Joshua died at 26 days old. I have only 2 pictures of Brandon as the throw away camera flash was not working. One of my greatest regrets is not getting a picture of each of them following their deaths. This was the only time that you could really see their faces as they had so many tubes and eye covers when the were alive. What I wouldn't give for a beautiful professional photograph of them. Thanks again for helping others by providing them with beautiful pictures of their angels. ~Kara

After our daughter's birth, we were blessed with your presence to help us preserve enduring images; the only images we'll have of our angel daughter's earthly body. We cannot begin to tell how much those images help us grieve, remember and share our angel's beautiful face with the world. You are truly an inspiration. Later in my journey of grief, I want to become affiliated with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep; I want to be able to give back to the organization that gave us so much. We can't sing your praises enough. We'll never forget you for what you've given us; the amazing, lasting gift of Keely's face. May God bless you now and always. ~Sam, Aly and Boston Elliott